Euroleague determine the best player of the 2016 year


Euroleague for the third time determine the best athlete of the year. The list of candidates includes all the players who played at Euroleague in 2016 year. All candidates take part in the voting. Everyone has the right to vote for any candidate except himself. Voting results will be announced on 18 of February. Awarding of the best player will be held in Vienna. This year's list of candidates includes 196 athletes from 10 countries, representing 10 Euroleague teams .

The best player of 2015 year was Iver Bjornerem, received 693 points at the voting. Second place went to Jorgen Nyhus Ulvestad, he received 462 points. Andreas Bergenholtz entered to the top 3 with 300 points. All results of 2015 year you can find here.